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Mosquito Repellent

Rule Numbers 4, 20:
Kinna Old School organic.

I must say: I've always planed on making this bit one of my Helpful Hints. Sorry for not getting to it earlier.
       Well I've never liked the Idea of Spraying DEET all over me, and I heard some expert on the evening new say it's alright to spray Deet all over you while pregnant, because of the virus that has been going around in the Central Americas they've,been talking about.
       Since I'm a Sentinel, I'd feel guilty if I did not post this bit about how I used to kept Mosquitoes off me while I was up on the Washington Coast.
       I'd find an Avon gal and order the big bottle of Skin So Soft Bath Oil.
       Then I would get an empty spray bottle and filled it about somewhere between 75 to 80 percent full with water and then toped it off with the Skin so soft bath oil.
       Sprayed it on my body and even over my close, it actually smelled nice instead of some paint thinner that I spent my life trying to protect myself from. I'm willing to bet there are numerous brands of bath oils that may do the Same thing, but I know the stuff works and I've never been eager to try anything else.
       I must say it is probably not as good as Deet because I can not say it has protected me by being 100% effective, and but when I went over to Australia, I had the big and medium size bottles with me.
       It's weird, the person that told me about the stuff, observed, just as I, the mosquito's will still land on you, but they don't like the taste of you, so they usually just fly away.

I'm sorry and I must apologize
Rule Numbers- 20

I think it was the depression I was experiencing that kept me from getting around to writing it out,
never the the less, -now I'm experiencing depression because I didn't.

January 23rd, 2016:
       Kinna like Shinler finding out he still had a car
       I really didn't realize the severity until I got a glimpse of the numbers in thousands and in unusual shot period of time.
       It's spreading, and it's spreading fast.
       Another short coming was not taking enough consideration to the fact that a bath oil solution has raw materials that more easily required and contained than insect repellents like Deet.
       The only reasoning for mentioning the pacific brand and product is because they may have something to compare to because there may different variations and ingredients of bath oils which may even work better than others.
       You can be sure that they will be able to produce less experience bath oils that do the same thing, and even better, however I wouldn't count on them smelling as good as the Shin so soft because just the smell isn't necessarily important in a lot of countries in Central and Southern Countries were the serious problem is right now.
       And like I figured: it sounds like Avon has pretty much sold out of the stuff over night.
       You can be sure E-Bay made a few duckets over night with it.
       From what I gather: there are many out there who don't exactly like using something like Deet on themselves , let alone their children. Some people Physically can't use Deet because of other illnesses and respiratory problems.

Good Reports from the Folks in Flint:
Rule Numbers- 35

Had Dozens of Subliminal Messages telling me so
I figure I got a few Good Marks on my Score Card

January 28th, 2016:
Pomegranate Juice is another good anti-oxidant. (A little expensive and sometimes hard to find.)
       However, I bet Fax Seed and Tomato Juice sounds like the go to formula. Sounds like they got lower lead reading in just 3 to 4 days.
       I figure that it probably plugged up their digestive track like a coat of paint and once that didn't work right, their natural immunities went to heck and it probably showed up as skin rashes. Once their digestive track gets cleaned out, many other types infections within their bodies will fallow and clean up themselves too.
       Can't help but love the fact that people take heed to my suggestion and I hope it will give me a little more creditability in the future.

On the Zika Virus:
I feel sorry for the people of Brazil, who have to subject themselves to the pesticides the government has them spraying down there.
       Taking these anti-oxidants I recommended for the Folks of Flint can only be good thing for them too.
       There is one thing,
       people may want to think about.

       My bath soap, if uses commonly enough, it may actually train and or condition mosquitoes to be reluctant to even want to land on humans. You have to figure that it they get the idea that humans don't taste or smell very good, they may just learn to naturally stay away from humans and that's where my repellent may be a real life saver.
       I figure it's pretty good for a Sentinel going by the seat of his pants.

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