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Vaccinating against Measles
Rule Numbers- 10 & 20

January 28, 2015:
I think people should vaccinate against measles. We as kids were vaccinated though the schools and we never saw any those side effects people want to claim.
       I don't have any kids to worry about therefore I'm not about to look into the numerous vaccines out there and as a result I'm not going to say to do one thing one way or another because one vaccine isn't the same as another, but I think the Measle vaccine is a low risk vaccine and has been around for decades and if there was something wrong with it, we would have known about it a long time ago.
       The thing that is urgent about the need for people to get vaccinated, is how easy it it to be transmitted, -(much easier than many other vaccinate-able diseases.)
       Another thing people should consider is the risk of bodily damage to organs from complications often involved when children catch the Measles. Much more risky than the Vaccine.

Looks as though we might have a pretty good chance of stopping the measle epidemic that we had growing around here.
       I think for those of you who are skeptical about the measles vaccine, (they actually have a name for it with m's and r's) for even the numbers of deaths they claim that it may have caused, (I think 88.) I think as long as the one giving the shots to your kid isn't some back room doctor, looking around on the Internet for the lowest cost dose he can find, (like the Richer Alternator guy who got me an cheep ass voltage regulator,) you probably won't get some vaccine made in a dirty place in some foreign county some where. If you are getting it through your school or local hospital, you can be pretty sure the supplier has been checked out and there shouldn't be anything to worry about.
       Only if people would be as worried about the vehicle they drive as much, because the auto manufacturers have been killing many more people than the vaccines have, and people are not afraid to put their children lives into their safety record.
       I guess I should have posted that earlier, we would have been ahead of the game. The way I look at it is if people don't get their kids vaccinated, -it would have just devoured the rest of the school year and those with year-round schooling probably wouldn't be able to shake it.


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I found this web-page -
a real time simulation of CO2 emissions,
birth rate and death rate


Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012


Bottom Line:
I'm not sure I even wrote this piece. I'm pretty sure I wrote it out much better.
       When I have the time I will come back and re-write it, but the message I want to express is that people like that gal on the web who calls her self shark lady is doing us all the wrong kind of favour. All she is doing is as well as other's who feed sharks is putting humans in to the shark's food chain because the sharks will associate the sent of humans as a part of their food consumption.
       I figure that most of the shark bites on surfers are a result of that and it takes until they taste red meat is different than fish or blubber from sea-lions and harbour seals.
       The people who die most from shark attack are usually divers, but something tells me that they were feeding them in the first place.


Helpful Hint for the gardener

Here's one for the environmentalist in all of you: Look at all those dandelions in your yard. They're the product of the fact that you didn't mow them down the year before, before they seeded the lawn. If you feel a little lazy; and you don't want to mow your entire lawn to get those little yellow flowery bastards, just fire up the weed whacker and buzz the yard while they're still in flower form. It might save us all from some pollution usually made by lawn mowers and most of the chemicals we put on our yards to kill the little bastards.

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Those Pesky Car Guys



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