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From the Health & Environment column :


Another bit on how healthy Yoga is for you. People stressed out and of need of exercise can benefit much from it. I knew this guy on my paper route when I was a kid. He learned Yoga when he was over in Africa. He liked to ride his bike to a hill overlooking a pond I’d ice skated on in the winters. He performed Yoga at the remote spot on the reservation and I was able to experience what was going on with it.

What I got out of yoga, was body conditioning. Yoga is a good method of stretching muscles and joints to help their capacity and mobility use. At the same time it's a breathing exercise. When you put the two of these things together, the conditioning becomes very efficient. The body sort ah naturally hyper ventilates on the efficiency of the oxygen you build up in your blood.

I think it is a real good thing for people that have a weak heart. It can only improve the blood flow through out the body so it is EZ'er for your heart to pump. A person who is really out of shape could benefit from Yoga. Yah just go down to the library and check out a book on it. Read a 1/2 hour, do it 1/2 hr. I never learned much about the history or ceremony type ritual in involved, however I did touch on the natural body high part of it. I think it is a good thing I would advise anyone to at least try in their life time. 

You might get the same feeling as I do when we see a television reporter talk to a musician the same way as they would talk to a yoga person. It's kind of neat to know a little about, and have experience at some of these things because it sorta makes me feel like one of the gang.

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