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January 28, 2015:
I don't know if I'm setting any examples, but after seeing how I'm able to battle with a wave and difficult to knock down, -some of you may wonder just how I do it and what kind of supplements I take.
       So here it is:

First off it takes just staying healthy to begin with.
       It's not only about what you put into your body, it's also about what you do to get the bad things like Toxins out.
       So to start with I'm going to begin with Anti-Oxidants, the stuff that cleans out the bad stuff that can end up causing an infection which in turn can turn into cancer. Sure there are other words to use like free radicals and all, but really Anti-Oxidants help the body extract the toxins that build up in the glands. The neck alone has 140 of them just to help keep toxins from reaching the brain. We need to help clean out our body cleansers you could say, so-
       Traders Joe's carries two pretty good deals on ANTI-OXIDANTs. The Traders Joe's High Potency ANTI-OXIDANT is great for someone who wants a little of everything good like A, C, E, Calcium, Zinc and Selenium. This product kind of fills in the holes my other supplements don't quite cover. (A & E, which is good also good for your skin.)
       The 50 mcg of Selenium is something we all should have but have very few natural sources to get it from and you don't find it on every store's shelf.
       A good product for those of you who want to do something about avoiding cancer, but don't feel you need to get too sophisticated with it at your earlier point in life.
       None the less, if a person is fighting cancer, working in hazardous toxic environments, or even sitting in traffic jams breathing pollution too much, should be taking Alpha Lipoic Acid and Selenium every day.

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID is the Standard in anti-cancer, body cleaning Anti-Oxidants.
       Trader Joe's also carries ALPHA LIPOIC ACID at 100 mg which isn't bad because you can not always find it and I've seen it way over priced sometimes at regular vitamin stores.
       I feel that anyone taking these two supplements along with a B-Complex will a pretty good complete regiment if someone wants to keep it simple.

For those of you getting Older,
or just Getting more Serious:

       You just begin to gather what you can at the best price so you look for the more powerful stuff and buy it when it is on sale.
       So, the more powerful 200 mg Spring Valley brand of ALPHA LIPOIC ACID can be found at Walmart for about the same price if it is on sale, (like when I like to buy stuff.)
       I've learned not to take Alpha Lipoic Acid with them because I end up burping up some weird power shit when I'm out surfing.
       (I have a strange habit of using my stomach as a bladder for an air sack, -I think.)
       I tend to take secondary optional supplements at different times of the day usually with different meals, especially Alpha Lipoic Acid.
       Also if you are one of those who get heart burn from time to time: going with the lighter strength Alpha Lipoic Acid like the kind at TJ's is another way of avoiding heartburn if that is a problem for you or if you've just eaten hot spicy food and would like to help prevent the likelihood of acid reflex or heartburn.

Selenium 200 mcg available at Rite Aid is very important if you think you may be susceptible to cancer or even work around toxic substances you would like to get out of your body. The reason this is such an important substance is that it is one we don't have many food sources to provide it.
       It is sort of an unsung hero since it isn't as popular as it should be, I would advise tobacco smokers to take both Selenium and Alpha Lipoic Acid because they are about the best two things you can take to clean out the junk that cigarettes put inside you.
       The Traders Joe's High Potency ANTI-OXIDANT has some Selenium in it so I don't take both on the same day of course.

Biotin 1000 mcg smells nice, so it makes it a pleasant experience to take two or three times per week. Good for your hair, skin and sleep.
       And I should add, that the Super B-Complex I take every day already has Biotin in it.
       I think of Biotin as a supplement to my supplements, just like I trying to put a little salmon in my diet every week.
       (I was told just a bit of it at least once a week makes a person less susceptible to being brainwashed. I figure if my Angles said so, I would think it is true.)

Super B-Complex, Calcium
and Glucosamine Chondroitin

are the main three supplements I take most religiously most every day. I usually take at least one form of Calcium to help the Vitamins take hold and travel throughout my body.
       Sometimes I will skip the Glucosamine Chondroitin if I'm not surfing that day, but if I'm injured, like a pulled something ot a sprained this or that, I will still take it on those days.

Super B-Complex is probably the most important supplement I take.
       It has Vitamin C, B-6 and B-12 and a few other good things, I'd rather not spell out.
       Its not only a good energy source, but the high dosage of B-12 is also something that keeps anyone under a lot of stress , -grounded you can say. (Because people under a lot of stress just need more of it.)
       If there are any of you who think you are bi-polar or know of anyone that seems like they are. Get them onto this stuff because 70% of mental illness is a result of malnutrition and B-12 is the shot mental hospitals give mentally ill or homeless people before they put them back on the street. (The shot lasts a whole month.)
       And if you take a Super B-Complex, one of those two dollar energy drinks are pretty much a waist of money.

My Energy Drink is Orange Juice
       I like the old fashion stuff with Pulp. I cut it with about 15% water to mellow the taste and make it easier to drink.
       Just like milk, why bother buying 2% when all you have to do is add water to Whole milk an get the same stuff.
       But I prefer Whole Milk as it is.

Glucosamine Chondroitin is something good for promoting body movement since it's all about taking care of old joints and avoiding arthritic problems. Its good for the maintenance of your joints and ligaments.
       However I don't take it twice a day like the directions suggest. Something tells me, or from what I've gathered over the years is that I don't want to get my body dependent on on any compound systematically every day, day after day. (I like the idea of skipping some days even.)

OMEGA-3 -Fish Oil usually consists of some EPA DHA, (something you don't need to order from a TV commercial because they are pretty standard in OMEGA-3.)
       Its good for joints along with body movements with ligaments, I take it a few times every week if I haven't had either salmon or tuna or any other fish.

Calcium w/Vitamin D-3 is your standard as far as calcium goes. Sometimes it comes with a dose of Magnesium.
       Magnesium. has a lot to do with creating energy because it is also a mineral helps you retain and used the vitamins that you do get. Calcium also helps keep my body PH stabilized and like you all have heard, Calcium is good for building strong bones.

Liquid Calcium w/Vitamin D-3 is your standard work horse as far as calcium goes. Works faster for those morning I do surf and helps me retain and use up the Super B-Complex for energy and helps keep my body PH stabilized.

Coral Calcium w/Vitamin D-3 & Magnesium is something I take as an effort to help keep my body PH more towards more alkaline instead of acid. Being acid is not a good thing if you are trying to avoid cancer promoting conditions in your body.
       However, I think a draw back is it tends to build calcium deposits in the body such as strange bone and calcium growths and sises.
       I also wonder how they are getting the product, if it's fair to the environment.
       I've also been known to stock up on Clam Shell Calcium from time to time also.
       Calcium is another one of those things I like to very from one type to another because I feel each one had something good to offer and I'd rather not over do one thing that would make my body dependent upon it and shy away from any adverse effects from taking too much of one or another.

Magnesium is a mineral that goes through the body fairly quick because it is used up whenever you use a lot of energy and you should have it within each meal you have throughout the day.
       I get most of mine by eating a banana in the morning. (A banana is a Good source of potassium also). If I don't have a banana bread from an egg sandwich or peanut butter sandwich will often be a quick breakfast for me.
       You would believe the number of waves I've caught on a breakfast consisting of a peanut butter sandwich and banana.

Zinc is something I take once in a while when I think I've been eating too much junk food.
       The Traders Joe's High Potency ANTI-OXIDANT has it in it so I get Zinc from them once or twice every week.

Niacin is a good a in-expensive anit-oxcidant that is good to take if you are about to take a drug text.
       If you haven't had it in a while, it has a weird needly side effect and your face will turn red when it activates in the body soon after you take it. (No biggy, it will usually subside and ease up in about 15 minutes to a half an hour.)
       Never the less, just as Biotin, I get a bit of Niacin every day with the Super B-Complex.

Vitamins for good health.


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Good Idea for the People of Flint:
I'd run down to Costco and buy one of those 4 pound sacks of Fax Seed (Only about $7.50)
       It's the stuff they make colon cleanser out of, minus the cool-aid flavoring. (And a mer fraction of the cost you will find it on the drug store shelf.)
       It's got antioxidants called liganans and just two table spoons of Fax seeds have as much of it as if you eat 30 cups of fresh broccoli.
       Buy the way, flax seeds are also a good source of plant based Omega 3 (Alpha-linolenic acid.)
       I like to put a table spoon on my salads, but parents can easily add some to your child's cool-aid too. (keep in mind that when added to water the stuff swells up a bit, so put in less than you think because once to steer it up, it will thicken, and it dose not taste bad at all.) It actually adds flavor to a salad and it makes the dressing a bit thinker.
       Selenium is also another good in-expensive Anti-oxidant. It can be found are Rite Aid for about $7.00 for 100 20mcg tablets.
       The Fax seed should help clean out your child's digestive tracks and the Selenium will help clean out their glands.
       Maybe I'm wrong, but if I were a victim, I'd be thinking it was well worth the gamble for only $15.oo. And I'm not sure if it's the same as what is in Fax Seeds, but picking up some Alpha Lipoic Acid, (which isn't very cheep,) would be a good idea to.
       Be careful not to over do it with the Alpha Lipoic Acid though, especially if you are using a lot of Fax seed, you don't want to overwhelm the body.
       I wish you luck and God bless. Hope to see that it gets some good results.

I found this web-page -
a real time simulation of CO2 emissions,
birth rate and death rate


Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012


Influenced by an older age:
When you start paying attention to just what you are Eating.:
A Salad for Brunch
       The one thing that has developed for me over the years is putting a decent Salad into my diet every day.
       Thankfully the 99 cent store provides me with my Salad making at a reasonable price.
       Along with the greens, I usually dice up some mushrooms and the package of Vegetable Medley provides the good stuff like cauliflower and Broccoli and Carrots to the Salad, a few crackers on top, some dressing and you would believe how good something that vegetarian are stuck with can taste like.
       I tell you, it taste pretty good day after day. When I get back in from surfing, I almost can't eat anything else any more.

Cooking Nothing Special:
Rule Numbers-

June 30th, 2015:
Cooking with Sunnyside:
       I've learned to shy away from using salt on everything.
       I use it to boil water at a higher temperature when boiling noodles.
       I like it on my eggs, hash browns, popcorn and corn on the cob; other than that, not much at all, which is a good thing because you can bet that everyone that sells you anything from salad dressing to desert, the manufacture probably put plenty in it already .
       Now pepper, that's a different story, I like it on a lot of things.

Butter or margarine?
       It may not be good advice, but from what I understand margarine is mostly Vegetable Oil.
       I'm old school and I proudly prefer the real dairy product and go with Butter.
       (I try to be conservative with it though.).

Like with Mac and Cheese
       You know, the stuff in a box?
       I poor about 15-20% of the noodles into a bag to use for something else later, and I use about 3/8 of a cube of butter instead of 1/2 cube along with the milk, which makes for an extra creamy cheese sauce.
       As weird as it my sound, I prefer to squeeze out and put a can of tuna in it.
       I know it may sound strange to some of you but my mother used to do it and it sure stuck with me.
       Mac and Cheese and Tuna isn't that bad really.

It delights me to think:
       That I've been witnessing the day when food suppliers are stepping up to do the right thing and taking artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavors and colors, -out of the food they provide us.

Don't Feed Sharks
I'm not sure I even wrote this piece. I'm pretty sure I wrote it out much better.
       When I have the time I will come back and re-write it, but the message I want to express is that people like that gal on the web who calls her self shark lady is doing us all the wrong kind of favour. All she is doing is as well as other's who feed sharks is putting humans in to the shark's food chain because the sharks will associate the sent of humans as a part of their food consumption.
       I figure that most of the shark bites on surfers are a result of that and it takes until they taste red meat is different than fish or blubber from sea-lions and harbour seals.
       The people who die most from shark attack are usually divers, but something tells me that they were feeding them in the first place.


Helpful Hint for the Gardener

Here's one for the environmentalist in all of you: Look at all those dandelions in your yard. They're the product of the fact that you didn't mow them down the year before, before they seeded the lawn. If you feel a little lazy; and you don't want to mow your entire lawn to get those little yellow flowery bastards, just fire up the weed whacker and buzz the yard while they're still in flower form. It might save us all from some pollution usually made by lawn mowers and most of the chemicals we put on our yards to kill the little bastards.

Stupid Rule Number 28 can apply here




Those Pesky Car Guys


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