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Grow Organic

It looks as though organically grown food is the up and coming thing in Great Britain. They expect about half as much yield and it takes two years before they can call it organic.  I feel the farmers switching over to organic farming methods are really taking a gamble on making it through the first few years. They have to look back at their past to figure out what their grand parents did as well as trying to use the knowledge gained through technology. I'm confident that I would be trying the same thing if I was them. I'd wish them all the luck.

I was talking to a farmer buddy of mine and he said as soon as man plants in a controlled environment, the natural abilities for the plant's to survive gets messed up.

Most plants in their natural environment are in a mix of other different types of plants. The different plants have different pests. With a mix, the natural predator thing works better. Like the ladybugs which eat the spider mites.
              I would guess if I was going to try to grow organically I would want to rotate harvesting different types of plants if I could. I would work smaller patches and run more of a verity of types of vegetables.

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