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Dangers of cell Phones

I feel I should give you the low down on cell phones as far as I see it. I owned one back when they were new in the early nine-ties and I had the slimed down brick model. I thought they were too expensive, but it beat the hell out of setting up at work and then dropping everything just to find the nearest phone booth just because my pager went off. Then later on it was a necessity because I was living without electricity. The battery bit was the bitch. I've decided that I don't plan on carrying a cell phone around very much. I'd rather have a pager and a phone hard wired into the vehicles I drive. At least when I have a phone built into my vehicle, I won't have to worry about charging the batteries and just walk out to my vehicle instead of having to find the nearest phone booth – which I usually have a difficult time with either near by noise or the phone giving me the run-around and gypping me out of my change.

I want you to know that I have a concern about impact from the use of cell phones on our heath. One reason this is brought to my attention is because of a recent study with rodents. They say the microwaves not only reduce memory, but studies have proven that the microwaves also alter the DNA in our blood cells. That just about scares me folk's. I already know we are getting dumber every day because of the way patent terms are set-up with the GATT treaty, but running around with a radio antenna strapped to your head could be messing you up and I'd give it some serious thought if I were you.

I checked out a book from the public library which had been written by a journalist with the co-operation of the guy that was hired by the cell phone industry to perform studies on the safety of cell phone radiation.

The guy the cell phone industry hired for the study just happened to be the same guy whom performed the investigation into the silicon breast implants. In my opinion, the cell phone industry hired him because they felt he wasn't qualified to do the studies in the first place. What they didn’t expect was that he would use their funding and his common sense to hire some specialist who would.

In his investigation they found out that all those test that had been mentioned of being done on the safety of cell phones didn't exist. He hired some scientist who figured out a way to hold mice in tubes so their heads were a specified distance from the cell phone's antenna to perform test on them. What I learned from the book is not only how they did the tests on mice but how the microwaves penetrate the human brain as well.

From reading the book I learned that the microwaves are emitted from the middle of the antenna and not the tip. Therefore it’s best to always pull up the antenna when talking on the phone or else the whole phone becomes the antenna. Ironically some of the best selling cell phone doesn't even have an antenna that pulls up. Then another thing that surprised me is that the hot spot of radiation isn't necessarily closest to the antenna. It’s in fact usually three or four inches from it, which means the hot spot is often about the middle of your brain. Another thing I learned was that when you are using a cell phone, it's best not to use it when it's receiving a weak signal because the phones have an automatic power conserving mode that reduces transmitting power used if there is a strong incoming signal. But if the signal is weak – it boost the transmitting power to reach the repeater tower’s antenna. Meaning: the weaker the signal received; the more juice the phone kicks out and your head will receive a higher dose of radiation in that situation so it's not worth struggling with a conversation that is having problems going any-where.

Texts have shown that those microwaves break down a barrier that is suppose to protect the brain from contamination. I'm not sure which kind of contamination they were talking about since I didn’t take the time to read the whole book, but I would imagine it would be things like lead and carbon monoxide.

One thing I didn't expect to learn is how the radiation alters the DNA of our blood cells. Sure the body can correct the DNA to a point, but just the pictures of sample blood cells they reveled in the book; anyone can see the difference. The problem with the way the radiation alters the DNA in the blood cells is that it makes the blood cells more prone to contract cancer.

We all know that people have been known to live with cancer within certain organs for even decades without experiencing any problems. But when the cancer spreads to the blood cells and travels to other glands or organs…then problems result and I don’t think I need to go there now do I?

So my advice is to talk as little as possible and try not to talk much if your phone indicates that you have a weak signal. I feel that cell phones are a new health hazard of the 21st century that has been kept secrete for the sake of profits. In the book was a line spoken by the guy from the cell phone industry who hired the specialist to perform the studies on the health risk. He said, "You take care of the science and I'll take care of the politics." Sure sounds like the tobacco companies with their ciggy butts if you ask me. They got too may people hooked on them and the money is big. Like I said, I plan to use a pager and have a phone hard wired into my vehicle. I would rather pack a gun, because it's faster than 911.

I also think it's a bad idea to talk on the phone and drive a motor vehicle at the same time. It ranks right up there and even worse than drunk drivers causing accidents. A way to solve a lot of the problems with people driving while talking or at least a way to eliminate a good amount of the problem is to have the phones that are hard wired into the vehicles set-up to where they won't dial out unless the transmission is in park or the park brake is applied. That simple solution could keep most of the conversations off the road. I think cell phones should only be used for short phone tag kind of stuff. I'd refrain from using them if I were you because I'm one who can feel the microwaves while I'm talking on a hand held cell phone. But just as an ex-girl friend, I'm one who can tell when a microwave oven is on in the same room. When I used my microwave oven I like to step outside.

As I said one day: What ever it is, can't it wait.

And as one of my readers said to me:
      "I threw my cell phone over the side of the boat the other day. I missed the anticipation of what the messages will be when I get home."

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If you would like a second opinion, jus t check out this web-page reporting on what an Australian doctor has to say about it.

@ Technewsworld .com

Here are some more opinions

@ Know the

@ Educate



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