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Cleaning Out Toxins

Now a Good Idea for the parents of Flint:
       I'd run down to Costco and buy one of those 4 pound sacks of Fax Seed (Only about $7.50)
       It's the stuff they make colon cleanser out of, minus the cool-aid flavoring. (And a mer fraction of the cost you will find it on the drug store shelf.)
       It's got antioxidants called liganans and just two table spoons of Fax seeds have as much of it as if you eat 30 cups of fresh broccoli.
       Buy the way, flax seeds are also a good source of plant based Omega 3 (Alpha-linolenic acid.)
       I like to put a table spoon on my salads, but parents can easily add some to your child's cool-aid too. (keep in mind that when added to water the stuff swells up a bit, so put in less than you think because once to steer it up, it will thicken, and it dose not taste bad at all.) It actually adds flavor to a salad and it makes the dressing a bit thinker.
       Selenium is also another good in-expensive Anti-oxidant. It can be found are Rite Aid for about $7.00 for 100 20mcg tablets.
       The Fax seed should help clean out your child's digestive tracks and the Selenium will help clean out their glands which are hit hard with toxins because cleaning out your system is what they are supposed to do.
       Maybe I'm wrong, but if I were a victim, I'd be thinking it was well worth the gamble for only $15.oo. And I'm not sure if it's the same as what is in Fax Seeds, but picking up some Alpha Lipoic Acid, (which isn't very cheep,) would be a good idea to.
       Be careful not to over do it with the Alpha Lipoic Acid though, especially if you are using a lot of Fax seed, you don't want to overwhelm the body.
       I wish you luck and God bless. Hope to see that it gets some good results.
       You may want to check out my Vitamin and Mineral's web-page also.

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Kinna silly posting something:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20

Two days later, it's old news.
January 26th, 2016:
By now it's not only what I thought was people on the Street saying it
I'd be sure it was my Angles too, -
       saying, "Tomato Juice."
       I say blah. But my Dad at one time thought a little bit of it in a Beer worked wonders for hang-overs.
       I don't have the foggiest idea how to make it more appealing to kids other than just resorting to raw tomatoes on a salad. Guess I should be thinking of that myself too, because I always love the taste of raw tomatoes. Helpful Hint: (Back in the days when I was a contractor, I would ask the waitress what the side dish was. If it was just pees or corn, with are not bad, or Mixed vegetables or even worse, String beans, -which I cant stand, I'd just ask her, to ask the cook to substitute it with sliced Tomatoes.)
       Maybe some folks just prefer a V-8?
       Gotta see what the winds and waves are doing.

Good Reports from the Folks in Flint:
Rule Numbers- 35

Had Dozens of Subliminal Messages telling me so
I figure I got a few Good Marks on my Score Card

January 28th, 2016:
Pomegranate Juice is another good anti-oxidant. (A little expensive and sometimes hard to find.)
       However, I bet Fax Seed and Tomato Juice sounds like the go to formula. Sounds like they got lower lead reading in just 3 to 4 days.
       I figure that it probably plugged up their digestive track like a coat of paint and once that didn't work right, their natural immunities went to heck and it probably showed up as skin rashes. Once their digestive track gets cleaned out, many other types infections within their bodies will fallow and clean up themselves too.
       Can't help but love the fact that people take heed to my suggestion and I hope it will give me a little more creditability in the future.

On the Zika Virus:
I feel sorry for the people of Brazil, who have to subject themselves to the pesticides the government has them spraying down there.
       Taking these anti-oxidants I recommended for the Folks of Flint can only be good thing for them too.
       There is one thing,
       people may want to think about.

       My bath soap, if uses commonly enough, it may actually train and or condition mosquitoes to be reluctant to even want to land on humans. You have to figure that it they get the idea that humans don't taste or smell very good, they may just learn to naturally stay away from humans and that's where my repellent may be a real life saver.
       I figure it's pretty good for a Sentinel going by the seat of his pants.

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Stupid Rules

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

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So did the Grim Reaper get the mayor of Flit, -yet?
Sounds like it.
       I figure the Governor is in Deep Shit too, but dying so early would be too easy on the evil guy.
       Three or four months ago he should have been on the phone with the president looking for federal funding
       They should have been rounding up every tanker truck from Milk and Orange producers, looking for any tank trailers that were not in use. And they should have had every tanker truck manufacture of stainless steel tanks running at full speed, 24/7 .
       Mobile office trailer manufactures should have been pumping out portable shower houses and every neighborhood should have received one two months ago.
       I think you get the idea on how I would have handled the problem.
       My question is did it ruin pipes in peoples houses? If the house is ok, they should be hooking up hoses at the water meter and running them to a tanker down at the street corner. They would probably have to either pressurize the tanker or use pumps to make it work.
       I think the whole bottled water thing is a piss poor un-cost effective way of going about it, but what the heck it took a actress/musician person like Cher to even think of that and she isn't claiming to be an engineer.

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