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Health & Environment

Bacteria and Rodents:
Rule Numbers- 9 & 20

July 8th, 2015:
I saw the show about the Super Bug on PBS last night.
       I think that hospital that had it spreading through their hospital should not even thought about it twice, as to whether or not to admit new patents.
       That was about as wreck-less as the pilot who landed a plan on a crowded beach and as greedy as a doctor who prescribes the drugs and treatments for cancer to a patent the dose not have cancer

None the less, I would encourage all of you to sit down and watch the show.
       Keep in mind that the conclusion to the quest they discovered the bacteria was traveling around in people digestive track and living inside their stomachs.

Where I'm going here is, -those of you thinking of getting a pet for your kids should think twice.
       Dogs will eat cats shit and cats will go after bird just as dogs like to roll around on a dead fish.
       Who's to say the cat didn't eat a mouse that just eat something that just died from a dirty infection with deadly bacteria.
       When you have to live in a world in which anti-bacterial have been over used and used improperly, you end up in a world with Bactria the can not fight .
       We are living in a world thinking just washing your hands is good enough when the real problem is were are also living in a world where harboring the growth and spread of Bactria.
       The key here is to have a body that is healthy enough and strong enough to fight off bacteria on its own.
       The trick is to keep the bacteria that the body has to fight to a fight able level, not necessarily invite more bacteria to fight.
       Like bringing a dog into a grocery store that has raw food stung out everywhere, anyone who eats that food is eating bacteria that is brought into the store. The boxes week get to handle while we eat breakfast has bacteria that is brought in to the store by customers. The last thing you need in there is a customer bringing in a rodent. (The dog that eat the cat shit from the cat the ate the dying bird that ate the fly that landed on the dead rat that had the bacteria that killed something else.).

On that Doctor who lead people to believe they had cancer:
       I wish there was a way they guy could be tortured the rest of his life .
       Or just better yet just save your money and kill him as soon as possible.
       You can be sure he isn't the only one out there that is doing it.
       I bet most places look at the most profitable way of treating cancer before anything else.
       I think the same thing is going on in the medical profession of Psychiatry also. If they are not mentally ill, they will make them that way, or even keep them that way.
      I would not doubt some bad cops get kick back for filling the beds in the local mental hospitals since a simple 5150 three day evaluation cost tax payers as much as putting them up in a 5 star hotel.

Miss you Avril Lavigne

I think people should think twice about even getting a dog, or as I say rodent for a companion, because they say that we are approaching an epidemic rise in Lyme Disease cases. I think they are carriers of just too much bacteria and germs to consider a safe play thing for any kid or adult for that mater.
       As I mentioned before, about these so called Service Dogs that everyone and their brother is beginning to print out new identities for, -if they are not seeing eyed dogs, -they should not be allowed inside public venues, as well as the fishing piers.

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Stupid Rule No. 43


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Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
the friendly old shark.

Vaccinating against Measles
Rule Numbers- 10 & 20

January 28, 2015:
I think people should vaccinate against measles. We as kids were vaccinated though the schools and we never saw any those side effects people want to claim.
       I don't have any kids to worry about therefore I'm not about to look into the numerous vaccines out there and as a result I'm not going to say to do one thing one way or another because one vaccine isn't the same as another, but I think the Measle vaccine is a low risk vaccine and has been around for decades and if there was something wrong with it, we would have known about it a long time ago.
       The thing that is urgent about the need for people to get vaccinated, is how easy it it to be transmitted, -(much easier than many other vaccinate-able diseases.)
       Another thing people should consider is the risk of bodily damage to organs from complications often involved when children catch the Measles. Much more risky than the Vaccine.

Looks as though we might have a pretty good chance of stopping the measle epidemic that we had growing around here.
       I think for those of you who are skeptical about the measles vaccine, (they actually have a name for it with m's and r's) for even the numbers of deaths they claim that it may have caused, (I think 88.) I think as long as the one giving the shots to your kid isn't some back room doctor, looking around on the Internet for the lowest cost dose he can find, (like the Richer Alternator guy who got me an cheep ass voltage regulator,) you probably won't get some vaccine made in a dirty place in some foreign county some where. If you are getting it through your school or local hospital, you can be pretty sure the supplier has been checked out and there shouldn't be anything to worry about.
       Only if people would be as worried about the vehicle they drive as much, because the auto manufacturers have been killing many more people than the vaccines have, and people are not afraid to put their children lives into their safety record.
       I guess I should have posted that earlier, we would have been ahead of the game. The way I look at it is if people don't get their kids vaccinated, -it would have just devoured the rest of the school year and those with year-round schooling probably wouldn't be able to shake it.

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