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Funny thing about the Anthrax scare....

(Not so funny – really)

October 28, 2001: (Taken from Journal Entries)

I suspected from the get go that it was about a 50/50 chance of being from a domestic origin. Get this: One morning while I was in a coffee shop stand in Pacifica, the topic came up and I said, “I wouldn’t doubt if it is done by the drug companies which make the antibiotics to fight the bacteria. The guy standing next to me made a comment, “I find that hard to believe.” I said, “I wouldn’t put it past them because I understand how the corrupt government and industries work. They were kicking out a million pills per month and now they have stepped up to two million per month. Tell me – If you were on the board of directors of such a drug manufacture, and at $11.00 a pill....”
        Then a day or two later I heard a guy call into a radio talk show and suggested the Anthrax problem could be caused by a domestic source. The talk show host blew him off as if he was some dumb fuck….
        Now that the government threatened to override the patent on Cipro the manufacture has made a deal with the government to produce the pill for the government at $.99 a pop. Also the media and government are now stating the fact that the source of the Anthrax could very well be a domestic one.
        Another source could originate from investors who have invested in many of the biotech companies which have seen there stocks sky-rocket since September 11th. I’ve heard investors have talk about how the dot com stock has lost they’re value. Wall Street has found a new game.

December 13, 2001:
My truck hit the 100,000 mile mark.

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10-21-99: I see they found a mammoth in ice. I think that's so cool, goes to show how old this place is. I wonder how we could thaw it out and preserve it like a taxidermist does animals.



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